Kinds of Jobs

  • Tutors


    Who tutors? Many are engaged in post-graduate study or are pursuing exciting endeavours of their own. Our tutors are just as likely to be budding entrepreneurs of the future as they are leading academics in their field. We draw from them huge inspiration as a company and it is something we pride...

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  • International & Residential Tutors

    International & Residential Tutors

    Tutors stay with or near families and typically deliver up to five hours a day, which can be mixed in with sports, creative activities and supervision. We also supply full-time Residential Tutors for families who are home-schooling.

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  • Teachers


    With offices and representatives across the world, Bonas MacFarlane educates internationally. We often get asked to recruit British teachers, who are highly valued, for posts at all levels. 

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  • Mentors


    Academic Mentors motivate, guide and advise children and build confidence. This service is especially useful for overseas families. An Academic Mentor will be an experienced parent or professional educator.

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