International & Residential Tutors

Tutors stay with or near families and typically deliver up to five hours a day, which can be mixed in with sports, creative activities and supervision. We also supply full-time Residential Tutors for families who are home-schooling.

For those families located outside London, outside the UK or those who are merely on holiday, residential tuition outside of term time can provide essential preparation for exams or much needed time to solidify a child’s progress at school.

Whatever the situation Bonas MacFarlane has been placing tutors in private households domestically and overseas to deliver top-quality tuition intensively over a given period. Tutors stay with or near families during school holidays and typically deliver up to five hours a day, this can be mixed in with sports, creative activities and supervision.Tutors may work with any number of siblings.

Widely accepted as a primary form of education in the United States, homeschooling is recognised as a serious option by Bonas MacFarlane in the right circumstances. Children who are preparing for a different education system may well need a bespoke curriculum provided at home or another private location to ensure their transition is a smooth one. Other children may have missed out on a school place and will have to wait until one is available, during which time it is vital they maintain their academic progress. Further children still, may have been excluded or may be struggling with mainstream education. Regardless of the reasons, we have long specialised in implementing bespoke homeschooling programmes involving not only classroom based subjects but also extra-curricular activities.

Why tutor abroad?

These jobs are often very well paid. All living costs are covered, so this a great opportunity to save some money and give yourself a lump sum (for a mortgage deposit).

Most families who employ residential tutors travel extensively. You will travel with them and get to see many parts of the world.

You will have plenty of time to yourself so it also suits people who like travelling and getting are writing up PhDs or finishing novels.

How we recruit

Bonas MacFarlane tutors are selected through a rigorous recruitment procedure. All of our tutors have an excellent academic record of their own, coupled with proven abilities to inspire, educate and communicate. The majority have graduated from Oxbridge or the Russell Group universities. When they are young, they are brilliant and enigmatic. When they are more senior, they are wise and experienced.

We hold interviews every Thursday morning. These are run like an academic tutorial. There will be four of five other potential tutors also being interviewed. We will explain how we work, and ask you to prepare a lesson plan and give a short presentation on that plan.

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