Governess | Switzerland

A career position to help tutor and mentor two boys, aged 9 and 12 

An experienced governess is sought to undertake responsibility for the academic, social and pastoral care of two boys aged 9 and 12. Both children attend day school, and the academic aspect of this role will include supporting with homework, providing extra tuition where necessary, liaising with the school regarding both children’s progress, and ensuring that children are on track or even ahead of their peers.

The governess will ensure the children are prepared for their academic and extracurricular activities.  The governess will also identify areas of interest for each child and structure additional projects to further the children’s knowledge, skills and enthusiasm for learning.

The ideal candidate will be a confident, empathetic and experienced educator, with a warm, calm and positive approach. They will possess a good level of organisation and excellent communication skills. They should demonstrate initiative, creativity and flexibility in order to harness the children’s natural aptitudes and interests into meaningful and lasting learning and personal development opportunities.

A strong academic background is required. The candidate should be active and have an interest in the outdoors, in order to support the children with their various interests, for example, tennis and fishing. As the children’s main language at school is French, the candidate must be a confident French speaker in order to support with homework, although other home learning can take place through English or French. The candidate will have experience in fostering the social and emotional development of pupils in the past, for example in the role of mentor.  

Creative background in arts or sciences is a plus.


Commitment - The family are looking for a candidate with a long-term outlook. Must be a French speaker 

Pay - based on experience. The priority is to find the most experienced and professional candidate

Accommodation - Separate

Travel - Expenses covered


If you would like to apply, please send a tailored CV to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.